How To Show Up In Business As Your Best Self

Selina Johnson
2 min readJun 29, 2021


Entrepreneurship: it’s a demanding lifestyle.

You’ve traded in the security of a traditional 9–5 because you want more. So it’s only natural that you give more as you build your business…right?

But always giving more… it takes a lot out of you and eventually, things start to suffer.

Your mental health. Your physical health. Your relationships (personal AND professional).

As the old saying goes, “you can’t pour from an empty cup”.

So how do you show up as your best self in business?

Here are my top ways to show up as your best self:

Practice Self Care

If you’re not prioritising your self-care, your business WILL end up suffering.

Whether you’re a one-person-show or you have a team behind you, as the leader of the ship you need to be in top condition to keep things running smoothly.

Self care looks different for everyone.

For me, it’s taking Friday’s off, spa days and time in nature.

For you, it might be climbing up a mountain or curling up with a good book.

Whatever it is, make the time every week and every month to give you the time you deserve.

Develop yourself

Over the years in business, you’ve undoubtedly learned so many things to help you grow — and there’s always room for more development.

It might be time to get a coach to help you reach the next level, or to learn a new skill to catapult the business forward.

Either way, taking the time to learn new things helps to combat the frustration that can sometimes come from working IN your business all the time when you’d rather be working ON your business.

Master your mindset

For some people, they can’t start the day without a solid morning routine.

For others, if they don’t get a good run/cycle/workout every day, they know their mind just won’t be in the game.

Your mindset is key to how you perform during the day — we’ve all been there where we’ve felt sluggish and unmotivated and it feels like wading through treacle just to get the work done!

Personally, I love planning and organising my days in advance — it helps my mind feel clear and ready to embrace the day.

Embrace the strategies that work for you to develop a strong mindset and you’ll be well on your way to consistently being your best self.

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