The Hidden Costs of NOT Delegating

One thing I hear over and over again from busy business owners is how they’d LOVE to delegate some of their workload to someone else.

There’s just one problem — they simply can’t afford it right now.

I’d question whether you can afford NOT to delegate?

Many experts agree that you can save time and make more money by mastering the art of delegating.

Let’s see exactly how it works.

👍 You’ve been running your business for long enough to know your systems and processes inside out

👍 Your clients are happy, you’re consistently earning and growing your business

👎 But you’re still BROKE when it comes to one currency: the currency of TIME

And even if you don’t consciously realise it, you have a lot of things to ‘buy’ with that time and only a finite resource of it.

🔘 Lead generation

🔘 Client communications

🔘 Project management

🔘 Onboarding

🔘 Product development

🔘 Business strategy

🔘 Social media management

🔘 Marketing

I could go on…

And that’s before you factor in the other priorities in your life, such as family, friends and time for yourself!

All that in just 24 hours a day and 7 days a week 🤯

There isn’t time for it all.

The more successful your business becomes, the more SOMETHING has to give.

More often than not, the first things to get dropped are:

Business development

Self-care / family life

You either start to plateau in your business, unable to push past the level you’re currently at.

Or you hit burnout, never seeing loved ones and starting to resent what you do (or worse, make yourself very unwell!)

And while it’s important to recognise the signs of burnout if you feel them coming on.

It’s even better to avoid it happening in the first place.

If you took an honest look at the tasks you undertake in your biz, I can guarantee you there are jobs there that someone else could do for you, freeing up all-important TIME and brain capacity to move the needle forward in your business.

The result? You get HIGHER business capacity, MORE time while doing LESS! What’s not to love? 😍

My experience working with 6 figure CEOs has shown me that they all have one thing in common — they know how to delegate and focus on the strategic elements of their business. And I want to share the experience I have with you.

Join my FREE live masterclass: How 6 Figure CEOs Delegate (so they aren’t leaving money on the table)

on Wednesday 21st April at 8pm BST.

Register your seat here.

❓ Can you afford NOT to join? ❓

All my best,




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