The Secret To Building a Winning Team

Team building: whether you’re just thinking about it for the first time, or you’ve already started, I’ve got the secret to bringing in the BEST people for your biz.

So many of my clients have been burned before when it comes to recruitment.

They’ve ended up with the wrong candidates and the wrong fit for their businesses.

And that means a lot of loss for them, as the business owners.

Loss of time. Loss of money. Loss of resources.

In fact, many entrepreneurs face this same problem. When it’s time to branch out and bring in new people to the business, they just don’t know how.

There are some great, practical tips about how to go about the recruitment process.

But I want to share my secret to building a winning team… something that delves a little deeper.

You see, one of the things I do when I work with clients is consulting on how their team should expand and where they would benefit from help the most.

In my (many) years doing that, I’ve found there’s a knack to getting the RIGHT person in your business.

And it all starts with knowing your strengths — and even more importantly, your weaknesses.

That’s right — we all have them. You just have to acknowledge them and work to plug those gaps.

Maybe you’re an amazing ideas person, but you break out into a cold sweat when you have to deal with a spreadsheet?

Or you love numbers and finance matters but your business social media is sorely lacking?

Whatever it is, you just need to own it.

Once you know where your weaknesses are, you know exactly the skills you need to recruit for — but that’s just halfway there!

Because there’s a little more to it 😉

With some more introspection (and a personality test or two, such as Myers-Briggs or one of the paid versions) you can start to identify the personalities that would bring your biz to life.

There’s value in a well-rounded biz for a combination of all personality types. If you’re an outgoing go-getter, you might be tempted to recruit someone just like you. After all, you’ll definitely get on, right?

Sure — except you’re not plugging the gaps your business needs.

Recruit people who bring the skills and the traits to your business that you don’t — and you’re well on your way to a winning team.

Over to you

Who do you think would be the perfect fit for your business? I’d love to know in the comments…

All my best,




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