What Does It Take To Be An Elite VA With Selina & Co.?

Elite (noun).

A select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group

What makes an elite VA?

Unsurprisingly, I get asked this question a lot. After all, I’m proud to call all of the VAs who work with Selina & Co. just that: elite.

While the dictionary definition above explains it well, there’s a lot that goes into selecting the very best of the best 🌟

As well as being known as the ‘Freedom Fixer’, I’m known for my matchmaking skills — when a client needs specialist skills to grow and scale, I’ll find the BEST VA to help.

But what goes into finding the perfect virtual assistant?

Read on…there’s more to the process than you might think 😄

🟡 Stage 1

Every potential addition to Selina & Co. starts out by filling in an application form which is reviewed to check their skills match what we’re looking for (either admin or tech VA skills, or OBM experience)

We take a look at their CV and/or LinkedIn to check their skills and experience match.

Their availability is confirmed — both now and in the future, to make sure they can grow with the client as their business grows.

Finally for this stage, we check they have at least 5 years experience in their field 🙌

🟡 Stage 2

Successful candidates are invited to a video interview with our HR advisor. This gives us the chance to get to know them better and take them through a few elements:

✔ Behavioural questions

✔ Competency-based questions

✔ Assess how they deal with conflict and other issues that might arise in a business environment

🟡 Stage 3

It’s important to us that we’re confident about a candidate’s competency in their chosen skills so that a client can be assured that they’re getting a VA who really knows what they’re doing.

To help with that, we give them three to four trial tasks that match their experience to check their skill level.

In this exercise we’re looking for a few key things:

✔ Attention to detail

✔ Turnaround time

✔ Presentation of work

✔ Quality of work

✔ Have they gone over and above?

✔ How do they communicate?

(all things we know a client looks for when they’re working with an elite VA!)

🟡 Stage 4

As I mentioned earlier, I love being a great matchmaker between client and VA, and one of the ways I can do this is by closely matching personalities so a client works with someone who complements them.

At this stage, the candidate will complete two personality tests that really help me match them to a client when the time comes.

🟡 Stage 5

This is my favourite stage — I get to meet the successful candidates 🔥

Here we have a great chat about long-term goals and I get the opportunity to explain the values here at Selina & Co.

⭐ We’re dedicated to the client

⭐ We’re committed to their success

⭐ Everything we do is with the client in mind

Because the way we see it? When the client wins, we win! 🎉

It’s also my chance to have a final check to make sure the candidate is the perfect fit for the team, as well as getting 2 references from past employers.

🟡 Stage 6

As the process draws to a close and we know we have a VA superhero in our midst, we take the time to find out every skill they have and how experienced they are — getting ready to be matched to the perfect client!

Sound involved?

It does and that’s on purpose… we take recruitment seriously because we don’t want our clients to have to go through all these steps.

When a client hires an elite VA from Selina & Co. they’re hiring a VA who has gone through a rigorous recruitment process.

We want to remove all the overwhelm and the stress from recruitment 👌

So now you know, when we say elite…we mean elite!

Ready to get one of our superhero VAs on your side? Book a FREE call with me to get started.



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