Why Taking Time Off Is GOOD For Your Biz

Selina Johnson
3 min readJun 8, 2021


In today’s business world, we’re constantly being told we should be hustling harder, working longer, grinding more.

But I’ve found things to be a bit different.

You don’t need to work the longest hours to make your business a success. In fact, I actively discourage it.

Last week was a school break and I decided to take the week off work so I could spend time with my girls.

We went out for lunch, enjoyed the remarkably great weather the UK is having and created memories that will last a lifetime. And now that I’m back at work? I’m refreshed, there’s a spring in my step and I’m energised to give my all.

Go back even just a few years, and I wouldn’t have been able to say the same. I was drained, working long hours and fast approaching burnout.

And while burnout was one of the best things to happen to my biz… you don’t have to reach that stage before you make changes to your biz and your work schedule.

Even during lockdown, while the temptation has been to work more, it’s important you take time to do non-work things.

But HOW? (I hear you ask!)

One of the side-effects of being a successful entrepreneur is that you’re so busy, right?


If you’re too busy to take the time off you and your biz needs? Something isn’t working ⛔

Here are the three things you need to have in place to be able to take time off from your biz:

🌟 Planning 🌟

Plan scheduled time off into your business calendar. If you know you want to have two launches throughout the year, make sure you also book the time off in advance too.

Not only does this allow you to get the much-needed time off, but it makes great business sense.

You have a solid plan of what’s launching, when it’s happening and you can organise all the moving parts around it. And you have no more scrambling at the last minute!

🌟 Processes 🌟

Everything you do in your biz has a process.

And the slicker these processes are, the better an experience your clients have but also the better things are for you!




Customer Management



These can (and should) all have robust processes that take the guesswork out of your customer journey and mean you can start automating.

🌟 A solid support system 🌟

Whether this is a dedicated team of employees, contractors or virtual assistants, being able to leave your business for a few days/weeks requires a solid team who know exactly what they should be doing, and how they should do it.

Planning and processes play a massive role in this, but getting the right people in place can be the difference between a blissful break or more stress when you take time away.

If you’re ready to start reaping the benefits of your successful business but can’t risk stepping away for a break? Perhaps it’s time to get that solid team on board? 🔥

Hop on a FREE clarity call with me and we can chat about the next best move for you.



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