You’re Ready To Hire A VA — What Do You Do Now?

Over the years building my own business and working with others to build theirs, I’ve seen first-hand the benefits of bringing in help to support biz growth.

I *run* a Virtual Assistance company though — so of course I would say that, right?

BUT you don’t have to just take my word for it — even the experts agree that a VA provides invaluable support to you and your business.

Maybe you’ve read my blog before and recognise yourself in this post?

Whatever has been the prompt for you, you’ve made the great decision that it’s time to get help in your biz. YAY!

However, many of my clients tell me that making the decision to bring a VA in isn’t actually the bit that stops them from doing it — it’s how they go about getting the RIGHT person through the door.

If you’ve never recruited anyone before, it can be daunting at first.

❔ What do you ask a potential VA?

❔ What paperwork and agreements do you have to get in place?

❔ How do you evaluate the candidates to make sure you choose the best fit?

When you’ve worked as hard as you have to build your biz to the success it is now, it can be scary to bring someone in to help with that.

After working with many clients and virtual assistants, I’ve honed my process to make sure I can perfectly match businesses to the right support. And I love sharing that knowledge with you too.

While there are some great resources out there, such as interview questions you can use once you start meeting your potential VAs, there’s a lot more to the process to ensure success!

That’s why I created my “How To Hire The Right Virtual Assistant” guide, so you can take the best of my knowledge to make the interview and recruitment process go smoothly and without extra stress that you for sure don’t need.

As well as interview question suggestions, you’ll also get:

  • Tips on how to turn chaos into collaboration
  • Help to ensure your goals and long-term plans are in alignment with your VA
  • A guide on the important details to get from a potential VA (such as rates, cancellations, billing etc)
  • Post-call evaluation prompts to help the decision-making process.

Grab your copy to turn the recruitment process from a headache to relief — leaving you to focus on the genius-work you do best.



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Selina Johnson

Business Support Expert providing Virtual Business Support to businesses. We help with administrative, technical and creative support to free your time.